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City Weather Patterns Explode into Colorful Visualizations in This Infographic

Apparently Pocahontas isn’t the only person who can paint with all the colors of the wind. A Chicago-based designer Nicholas Rougeux’s  Weather Portraits infographics, weather patterns of the most populated U.S. cities become vibrant explosions of color.  

The goal was not to present specific findings based on analysis but to paint unique portraits of each city using data in creative and unusual ways,” Rougeux explains in his making-of blog. “Wind and temperatures are often noticed only during disasters or during extreme conditions. Every-day occurrences can look interesting on their own when viewed in the right light.”

Rougeux used data collected by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) that tracked wind direction, wind speed, high temperature, low temperature, and range of temperatures. Once he had the data, he used programming tool NodeBox to experiment with various designs for the data, playing with color, shape, and size.

The final product looks like 50 informative paintball splatters,each burst a visual representation of a year’s worth of weather.

The entire collection can be purchased here. Rouguex is no stranger to transforming dull data to colorful and digestible infographics. To check out more of his work, browse his portfolio.

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