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Infographic Shows the 100 Biggest Meteorites That Ever Hit Earth

You don’t have to plan a trip to a planetarium or the desert to marvel at shooting stars. Look no further than Italian designer Valerio Pellegrini’s infographic, “The Biggest Meteorites Fallen on Earth.”

Pellegrini fuses art and science in one easy-to-read graphic. Italian translations are helpful, but not necessary. The visual is clear enough to transcend language barriers. The graphic visualizes the 100 largest meteors that have fallen on Earth’s surface. Pellegrini varies shape and size on the graphic to mirror discrepancies in meteor’s size, category, and fall date.

The data was collected by NASA, but Pellegrini’s illustration allows even novice stargazers to understand the variability of things falling from the skies at a glance.

If this infographic isn’t star-studded enough for you, be sure to get outside mid April for the Lyrids meteor shower coming to a sky near you.


Meteor Infographic

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