19 Infographics Break Down the Design Elements of All World Flags

A flag is a fascinating piece of design. With limited constraints and simple colors, they are highly symbolic representations of a country’s history. And although each is unique, many of the world’s flags have certain elements in common. From size and shape to color block and layout, there are often more similarities than there are differences—especially when you view the world’s flags as a whole.

Curious to see what might be learned from an in-depth deconstruction of flag design, Copenhagen-based design agency Ferdio created the Flag Stories project, a site that houses 19 infographics that show you everything you ever wanted to know about world flag design.


As the creators explain:

“There are a lot of books and websites covering the different aspects of flags like history, demography, and culture, but this website is adding new stories to the field by creating simple and beautiful infographics. Comparing the data of layouts, colors, similarities, symbolism, and proportions you will find interesting stories you didn’t know.”

The infographics cover just about every angle of flag design you could imagine, comparing things like the most used symbol, the most used color, the symbolism of colors depicted, the most common flag layouts, a continent-by-continent look at flag details, mashups of different flags, and even what the world flag might look like.


Take a look at the site to see all infographics.

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