Beyoncé’s New Athletic Brand Is a Visual Treat

Beyoncé has evolved from the frontwoman of a 2000s-era pop girl group to a mighty mogul with one of the most innovative and powerful brands around. Now, she’s experimenting with a new venture: Ivy Park, her athletic fashion line. And with the brand’s marketing campaign, she proves yet again that she is a branding powerhouse.

As she is wont to do, the singer announced her new line with a simple albeit powerful photo on her Instagram account and a caption that includes only the Instagram handle for the new brand. (This minimal fanfare is par for the course since she dropped the game-changing album Beyoncé in 2013, releasing an entire album and 17 music videos on iTunes with no prior announcement.)


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Yes, Ivy Park is a business. But make no mistake; it is Beyonce’s brand head to toe. The campaign, from the photography to the website, features all the hallmarks of a Beyoncé product: Impeccable design, the Beyoncé-specific backstory, and a visual language that is impactful and distinctive.

The first ad (which mirrors the aesthetic of her HBO Documentary Life Is But a Dream) is less an ad and more of a visual brand statement, communicating inspiration through Beyonce’s own journey.

The site only furthers the story. Unlike a traditional fashion website that may feature the leggings, tank tops, and sports bras, Ivy Park’s site is a visual journey. Full of interactive elements, it’s part music video, part lookbook—all accompanied by hot tracks (potentially off her new album, although this has not been confirmed).

Take a look for yourself, but be warned: There are quick-flashing images and plenty of Bey fierceness. We’re into it.

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