Satirical Cartoons Show the Abridged Version of Famous Books

You can spend semesters in school deconstructing famous books. The symbolism! The prose! The elaborate plots! Or you can get a crash course in the world’s best literature with these hilarious cartoons by John Atkinson.

In his Abridged Classics cartoon series, Atkinson illustrates famous books and provides his own interpretation of what each is about. He’s basically covering the required reading list every English major faces—but offering a visual CliffsNotes version. The Grapes of Wrath is a sucky road trip. Walden is a bore. And Ulysses is one run-on sentence. Yes, they may be a little snarky, but they’re all pretty much spot on. (And, if you did get a degree in literature, they’re probably what was running through your head during hour two of a boring professor’s lecture anyway.)

Stay tuned for more additions to the series, and check out all of his hilarious cartoons at his site.


©John Atkinson, Wrong Hands

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©John Atkinson, Wrong Hands

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