It’s Not Wood: This Jewelry is Made from Vintage Books

If you’ve ever felt a deep connection to a book, this is your chance to get closer. London-based Jeremy May uses the pages of vintage books to create layered pieces of jewelry which hold the words of their author permanently inside them.

May creates his pieces by carefully cutting out sections of the book, then layering the hundreds of pages together into a laminated sandwich. After shaping the piece into its final form he seals the pages with a durable high gloss coating.

Jeremy May book jewelry 2

Perhaps the best part of the final piece is the case it comes in: each ring, bracelet or necklace is held inside the hole in the book it was made from.

To see more of May’s work stop by the group exhibition “Read and Worn: Jewelry From Books” at RR Gallery in New York City through April 24.

Jeremy May book jewelry 3

Jeremy May book jewelry 4

Jeremy May book jewelry 5

Jeremy May book jewelry 6

Jeremy May book jewelry 7

Jeremy May book jewelry 8

(via My Modern Met, Colossal)

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