Microsoft’s “Holoportation” Brings People You Call into Your Room

Microsoft is giving us a vision of the near future with their new “Holoportation” system for Hololens. The holographic video conferencing system allows users to interact in the same room, even from across the globe. The system uses multiple cameras in a room to capture a real-time 3D model of the person you are talking to. It then “transports” that person to your space when viewed through the Hololens.

Want to have dinner with your family and friends from 6000 miles away? It’s now possible.

There is one catch to this system however. Meeting up with someone in a video conference is great because we get to see each other “face-to-face.” That’s not what’s happening with Holoportation. Here users must wear the rather large Hololens on their face to see their projected friend in the room. While body language is conveyed loud and clear, any kind of eye contact is lost. Will we get used to this limitation, or will the technology change to reveal the user behind it? Time will tell.



(via Laughing Squid)

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