Watch a Model City Play its Signature Sound on Piano

You’ve heard of a cityscape, but what about a cityscape creating a soundscape? That’s the tongue-twisting explanation for what Akko Goldenbeld’s artful player piano (or pianola) is doing in this unusual video. He has recreated the Dutch city of Eindhoven in wood on a large cylinder. As the cylinder turns the location, height and width of each building actuates levers which strike the keys of the piano. It’s the signature sound of a city, interpreted through piano.

Surprisingly, while the machine and the music it produces is all very experimental, it actually sounds quite good:

Goldenbeld created the piece, called Citymusic, in just one month as part of his graduation from the Design Academy of Eindhoven. In fact, he only came up with the concept 4 weeks before graduation!

See more exception work from Akko Goldenbeld, including the chime playing “Bellamp,” on his personal website.

Eindhoven Pianola Piano Akko Goldenbeld 2

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