Scoot Around on These Chairs Made from Old Vespa Parts

The Vespa scooter is one of those iconic designs that is so recognizable you can even identify it from a small part. That makes it easy to spot its legendary form in the very unique “Scooter Chair” from Spanish studio Bel & Bel. They’ve taken the front of 1980s vintage scooters, chopped them off, refurbished them with new paint and transformed them into rolling chairs that scoot around the office with style.

The chair incorporates design elements similar to the fantastic Eames designed Aluminum group chairs. Functional features abound—like rolling caster wheels, a hydraulic height adjustment, ergonomic seat and even the ability to recline.

The limited edition series of chairs features a wide range of colors, with a variety of trim options for everything a racing stripe to a minimalist finish. See more details here.

Vespa Chairs 2

Vespa Chairs 3

Vespa Chairs 4

Vespa Chairs 5

Vespa Chairs 6

Vespa Chairs 7

Vespa Chairs 8

Vespa Chairs 9

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