You Can Now Get Temporary Tattoos from Famous Tattoo Artists

Love some good ink but lack the commitment to make it permanent? You’re not alone. That’s just one reason why Tattoo You is producing high-quality, long-lasting temporary tats by a growing number of famous tattoo artists including Sascha Unisex (featured previously), Nomi Chi and Myra Oh. That’s a different strategy than your typical temporary tattoo company: quality with a distinct lack of pain or permanence.

You could look at these temporary tattoos as the gateway drug of permanent skin art—one very convincing way to try some art on for size and see how it feels. Another advantage is the ability to have a tattoo for a short while, then be able to go back to your non-tattoo loving employer (we can’t all work in the tech industry…)

Check out the full catalog at Tattoo You or at their Etsy store.

Tattoo You temporary 2

Tattoo You temporary 3

temporary Tattoo You 4

temporary Tattoo You 5

temporary Tattoo You 6

temporary Tattoo You 7

temporary Tattoo You 8

temporary Tattoo You 9

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