James Fridman Takes Photoshop Requests Way Too Literally

If you ask designer James Fridman to “make my skin look smoother” or to “remove my uncle” from a picture, the results might surprise you. The designer is known for taking Photoshop requests WAY too literally, fulfilling submissions from social media with accurate (but very bad) results. Fridman acts as the “Photoshop expert” that you’d never want to properly hire.

To be honest, Fridman hasn’t done a ton of work yet, but his following on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook would have you thinking otherwise.

Get your own custom work done (if you’re lucky) by submitting a request to Fridman through one of those networks or through his email. Just be warned… results may vary.

James Fridman 2

James Fridman 3

James Fridman 4

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James Fridman 10

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