These Skrillex Tour Visuals Will Melt Your Face Off (In a Good Way)

Admittedly, electronic dance music is not for everyone. The beats and the dubstep bass drops make for an intense listening experience, but there is a reason it has become so popular. The music, the fashion, and the massive festivals have transformed EDM from an underground subculture into a vibrant lifestyle celebrated worldwide.

Whether or not you follow the scene, there’s no denying that there is inherent artistic merit, both in the music mix and the aesthetic. An EDM show is not a polite concert; it’s an explosion of light, color, and sound combined to create a heightened experience. The effect is particularly notable considering that the elements are fairly basic—usually just a DJ, a stage, and a crowd.

How, then, do they create that heightened experience? That is the task of artists like French graphic designer and animator Kadavre Exquis, who designs tour visuals for Skrillex, one of the world’s most famous EDM DJs.

Projected onto enormous screens, his animations interpret and enhance the music in a way that makes you feel, well, altered—even if you’re sitting in a cubicle. In this video, a selection of animations from Skrillex tours, Exquis’ neon colors, kaleidoscope patterns, and characters take you to space and back in what can only be described as a visual rush.

Note: If you are epileptic or prone to other issues, this video may be too much stimulation. But if mind-blowing, face-melting visuals are what you’re into, you’ll love it.

You can also check out more of Exquis’ work on Behance.

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