This Family Just Moved Into a Gigantic Greenhouse

The Scholten family just moved into a gigantic greenhouse. Part of a collaboration with students from Rotterdam University, the family of four and their dog will spend the next 3 years with plants for housemates, eating the harvest from their food garden on the top level. The project is aimed at learning more about sustainable architecture and design.

The large wood building features a living wall and a expansive glass roof. On the top level are planter beds and rain tanks to provide water for growing food. The family uses their home-grown crops in the top level kitchen, while the plants keep the air inside fresh and clean.

The Scholten’s were selected from many applicants to the program. It was especially great news for botanical stylist Helly Scholten as the home will provide the perfect source and backdrop for her photography and events. See the Scholten family’s photographs on Instagram.

Greenhouse Home 1

Greenhouse Home 2

Greenhouse Home 4

Greenhouse Home 5

Greenhouse Home 6

Greenhouse Home 7

Greenhouse Home 8

Greenhouse Home 9

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