This Plant-Filled Lamp Needs No Maintenance

For those of us who crave living things in their home but lack the environment to grow them (like windows) this plant light from We Love Eames is the perfect solution. With an indoor grow light for illumination, the pendant style light fixture maintains plant health with little or no care. Want a plant in a dim restaurant or even a dark closet? No problem here.

Plants for each light are selected to require no green thumb, and in fact can be left unattended for years. Much like a standard terrarium, the sealed environment naturally recycles its water to keep soil hydration at the ideal level.

Because conventional grow lights create large amounts of heat, this lamp uses long-lasting, low energy LED lights. In one innovative version, the team has used a new type of electrically conductive glass coating to move electricity from the plug on the base, across the glass to illuminate the lamp at the top–no wires required.

See the hand-made love that goes into each light, below. Find more information on Facebook.

Plant Lamp 2

Plant Lamp 3

Plant Lamp 4

Plant Lamp 5

Plant Lamp 6

Plant Lamp 7

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