An Artist Blends Anatomy and Art In These Unusual Self-Portraits

Everyone is always eager to get inside the mind of an artist; rarely do we get inside their body. Perhaps that’s why Paris-based photographer and illustrator Sébastien Del Grosso is turning himself inside out for us—well, sort of. In his Flayed Sketches series, he has created unique self-portraits that showcase his anatomy, specifically the muscles.  4f49d231516653.565449696bab909086731516653.565449696cfd3

A talented sketch artist, Del Grosso tests the limits of photography, sketch, and Photoshop with his unique compositions. (We previously featured another of his unique sketch series.) As if he weren’t already a jack-of-all-trades, this series was born when Del Grosso decided to study anatomy—and to test himself using his own body.

In his series of unusual self-portraits, he overlays his anatomically accurate sketches over photographs, blending the outer and inner worlds in a creative way we’re unlikely to see in a textbook, although you can imagine how much more engaging those studies would be with this type of presentation.

Take a look at his work below. And if you’re feeling inspired, he’s created a detailed tutorial about his process.


For more of Del Grosso’s work, check out his full portfolio on Behance.

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