A Single GIF Delivers a Powerful Message for Women’s History Month

It was a simple GIF, but when Brooklyn-based illustrator Libby Vanderploeg’s posted the moving image “Lift Each Other Up” in honor of International Women’s Day, it quickly spread across social feeds. A single scene on loop, the message was simple but powerful: the greatest thing women can do is help each other make it to the top.


March is Women’s History Month, and there are tons of female designers whose work deserves more recognition. Vanderploeg is an excellent example—both in the work she creates and the message of empowerment behind it. A skilled illustrator who has created work for the Wall Street Journal and Time Out, among others, it is her depiction of women through cheeky illustrations, playful GIFs, beautiful prints, and a great Instagram that is most inspiring.

Take a look at some of our favorite pieces, and head over to her Etsy store to explore more.

HotGirlsRead_750_libbyvanderploeg WSJ_fashiontypes_libbyvanderploeg


Frida Kahlo


Cartographer’s Paradox


Julia Child


Cutpaperlady_winks_libbyvanderploeg PTC-Summer-Cards_gardener Toast_Interview_libbyvanderploeg youandgrandma

For more, follow Vanderploeg on Instagram and visit her site.

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