Love Tokyo? This Print Feels Just Like the City.

Tokyo is the largest city in the world. With over 37 million people in the metropolitan area it is vastly complex, but at the same time the city is impressively well organized. New York designer Kendall Henderson visited for the first time last year, spending weeks with a translator to capture what he calls a “snapshot of the city for those who have visited before, or those who aspire to visit.” For the designer that means the functional, no-nonsense colors, shapes, and typography that make up the visual language of a city that excels at living together.

The visual stimuli that is received by being in Tokyo is unrivaled. From the busy stations of Shinjuku or the signs and displays that cover Shibuya, down to the hundreds of snacks you may find inside a Family Mart. As an English speaking and reading individual. This poster is a snapshot of most of the things I came across. Reducing objects and visuals to their purest most recognizable shapes, colors and Japanese text.

For The Love of Tokyo is the project that has resulted. It includes a limited edition offset printed poster, a series of dot grid notebooks and the short video below. For anyone who has visited before, the aesthetic of this project will be more than recognizable–capturing the austere greys, blues and yellows that together form a metropolis we can’t help obsess over.





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