Photographer Captures the Best Mosaic Floors in Paris

Forget looking up at the sky; when you’re in Paris it’s better to stare at your feet. That’s the message we get from photographer Sebastian Erras and his downward-looking Instagram. He’s been walking around the City of Lights capturing one aspect of its design that is often overlooked: its wildly creative mosaic floors.

From hallways to restaurants and galleries to cafes, Erras has been collecting the city’s tile work while feeding his obsession with pattern and symmetry.

Sebastian Erras Parisian floor tiles

It wasn’t long before the world took notice of his account—and his shoes. At first Erras included his shoes to give the images perspective and highlight the fact that he was capturing a floor, but soon people began commenting on how his shoes compliment the design. Now Erras is known to tote one or two extra pairs of footwear in his backpack, just in case the floor he finds needs a different mate.

Although everything started in Paris, Erras has been expanding his work into new cities—most recently capturing Barcelona on foot. You can find a map of his latest adventure here.

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