Giant Sculptures Reveal the Secret Beauty of Paint

There is something quite seductive about paint. It’s not only what can be created with it but the medium itself that is so alluring. The vibrant hues swirled together, the unique texture of smears and splatters are entrancing, making a messy paint palette as visually interesting as the artist’s work on the canvas. North Carolina-based artist Donald Martiny knows this very well, which is why his unique sculptures pay homage to paint.


Martiny’s work is the pinnacle of meta art—sculptures used to show us the glory of paint—yet we’re surprised no one’s put it front and center like this before. Made with Polymer and dispersed pigment on aluminum, his work shows paint the way you might see it on a palette: painted strokes, blobs oozed out of a tube, and hues smeared together. Why is it so different? They’re large-scale installations on gallery walls, giving viewers an up-close and personal perspective.

While the series concept is simple, each piece is incredibly detailed. The colors are rich and bright. Every fine texture of the substance is captured, whether pillowy layers or jagged edges. All in all, the work shows just how much beautify there is in the seemingly mundane.


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For more, visit Martiny’s galleries here.

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