34 Films Show You How to Keep the Swear Jar Empty

Curse, cuss, swear, — however you say it, movies and TV can only get away with so much profanity before they get an adult rating. That’s just one reason media has often improvised on their dialogue, skirting around situations with inventive uses of language and downright gibberish that sounds a LOT like actually swearing, when its actually not.

This supercut of 34 films from Burger Fiction shows the great lengths (and sometimes not so great) that writers will go to not put a quarter in the swear jar.

One popular method: just invent new insults. Like Leah famously dropping this one:

nerf herder swear

Or how about this hot no-swear technique: almost swearing, but rolling it into another word. Like “oh shiiiiiitake mushrooms.”

You get the point. Enjoy:

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