5 Hilarious Graphics That Tell The Story of Doing Your Taxes

Have you filed your taxes yet? This year you get a whole three extra days to do so. (The deadline is April 18, 2016.) Taxes are the last thing anyone wants to do—and for good reason. They’re confusing if you want to do them yourself. They’re expensive if you plan to outsource the job. In general, they’re a total nuisance that you can’t avoid.

This year we’re getting a jump start on filing, but the process hasn’t been easy. So we decided to visualize the experience of doing your taxes, from misplacing your W-2 to spending your refund. Enjoy these five graphics, and get your file on.

Doing your taxes 4

doing-your-taxes-3 DoingYourTaxes 2 DoingYourTaxes 5

Doing Your Taxes 1

All these graphics were created with the easy design tool Visage. Try it for yourself. 

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