Is This the Future of Music? This Surreal 360-Degree Video Says “Yes”

This truly bizarre 360° video is one part performance piece, one part music video. In The Future of Music, artist Greg Barth introduces us to fictional character Carré Bleu, a “world-famous” music producer who invented many of the sounds we know today while modulating “time, space, and gravity.”

The onesie-wearing Bleu guides us around his studio, giving viewers a chance to experience all 360 degrees as he demonstrates each sound and puts them together.

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 9.22.03 am

The surrealist studio features a number of repeating sounds, played by a “new range of retro-futuristic human instruments,” which Bleu controls with his super-human musical prowess. Of course, Bleu isn’t the real human behind the music featured here; that would be the talented Belgian producer Polar Youth. (Download the full track here.)

More than any 360° video we’ve featured, the wildly creative piece gets away from hyping 360° technology, using it simply as the format to tell the story.

For the best viewing experience, Barth recommends watching this on the YouTube app or Google Cardboard app on either iOS or Android (and preferably a tablet), but a desktop browser will work as well.

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