Watch This Skate Video Through The Viewfinder of a Mamiya Film Camera

Skate videos are getting a lot more creative today, and this new 3-minute film from photographer Christian Rosillo for Loaded Boards is a great example. Shot through the waist-level viewfinder of a Mamiya RB67 medium format camera, the film gives us a photographer’s-eye view of skater Adam Stokowski’s long-boarding action. It’s retro-tastic.

Rosillo built a custom rig to hold a separate video camera pointed down at the Mamiya’s viewfinder, keeping the camera stable in the frame throughout the film. Below the camera we see the ground, Rosillo’s feet and sometimes his own skateboard skills.

Because two cameras were used to capture the action Rosillo was able to shoot still photographs with the Mamiya while filming the video.

A vintage Mamiya RB67 Professional S camera. Photo by 55Laney69.

A medium format Mamiya RB67 Professional S single-lens reflex camera. Photo by 55Laney69.

(via Petapixel)

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