This Sculptor’s Work Makes the Gallery Look Destroyed

Looking into this site-specific sculptural show from Snarkitecture co-founder Daniel Arsham and you’ll find a series of walls with holes that seem to be knocked through by a human-shaped figure. Not only that, in between each wall is an entirely different sculpture. One looks like a cloaked figure or ghostly apparition escaping from the white wall. Another, called Liquid Wall, resembles a drop of white milk impossibly suspended on the vertical surface.

While much of the show—including its walls—look permanent, it’s predominantly made from styrofoam and joint compound. Each figurative work is made from different materials including resin, ash and broken glass.

As visitors engage directly with their surroundings and walk among the immersive excavation, they are met with sculpted openings in which jagged edges morph from abstract forms into the silhouette of a human figure,” a museum statement said. “This transformative experience evokes notions of progress in relation to mankind’s ability to manipulate his surroundings.

Called The Future Was Then, the piece was commissioned by Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) for their Museum of Art and will be on view through July 24, 2016.

Daniel Arsham sculptural 2

Daniel Arsham sculptural 3

Daniel Arsham sculptural 4

Daniel Arsham sculptural 5

Daniel Arsham sculptural 6

Daniel Arsham sculptural 7

Daniel Arsham sculptural 8

Daniel Arsham sculptural 9

(via Dezeen)

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