3D Printed Dress is Covered in Petals & Designed Using a Simple App

Now this is a dress. Nervous System–the generative design studio that created those mesmerizing 3D printed zoetropes–is at it again, this time with a flowing 3D printed dress covered in kinematic petals. The clothing blends fashion and technology in surprising ways, using a 3D scan of the wearer’s body and an app for customized designs that vary in direction, length, and shape. Design is surprisingly quick:


Each interlocking tile is ridged, but connected together they perform a flowing, fabric like motion.

Once the piece is ready for printing, the team has an innovative method for fitting it into the printer’s small print area. Multiple dress pieces are printed in a rolled form (like a carpet), then unrolled after printing and connected together.

Nervous System Petal Dress 3

The dress was commissioned by The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, for their exhibition #techstyle, which runs from March 6 through July 10, 2016. Definitely see more from Nervous System, including their previous 3D printed dresses.

Nervous System Petal Dress 2

Nervous System Petal Dress 3

Nervous System Petal Dress 4

Nervous System Petal Dress 5

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