7 Tiny Dancer GIFs That Make You Want to Hold Them Closer

A good GIF is a thing of beauty. The Internet is saturated with about a billion cheesy movie quote and YouTube fail GIFS, which are entertaining but not necessarily exciting. But a great animated GIF, creative and hand-illustrated, reminds you why the medium is so great. That’s why we’re seriously crushing on Charlotte Smith‘s Tiny GIF Dancers series.

On the surface, they’re nothing too fancy—a few figures done in watercolor or colored pencils. But something about her style is sweet, simple, and downright hypnotizing. The way the characters sway, kick, and flip is adorable. (Kudos to her for choosing a variety of dance moves to animate.) And the minimalist illustrations remind us how much you can do with seemingly little. The only thing that could make them better is a soundtrack.

According to Smith, the series depicts seven famous dancers/dance scenes—although we can only identify Beyoncé doing her “Single Ladies” choreography and Dick van Dyke as Burt in Mary Poppins. Let us know if you can identify the rest.

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