These Photographs Will Make You Feel Anxious

What makes you anxious? For many people these photographs will do the trick. Commissioned for a story called In Anxious Anticipation in Kinfolk magazine’s “Adrenaline” issue, this series from photographer Aaron Tilley and art director Kyle Bean evokes the feeling that something dreadful is just about to happen.

Each scene captures an anxiety causing moment frozen in time. A rock on a string swings above a platform covered in matches ready for ignition. An ink pen hangs above a fresh white shirt, a drop of dark black ink emerging from the nib.

The fact that each image is frozen in time–the exact moment before something preventable could happen–actually makes these harder to look at. “Just get this over with” our brains seem to say… but that moment never comes. It’s perfect anxious agony.

Aaron Tilley Anxious Anticipation 2

Aaron Tilley Anxious Anticipation 3

Aaron Tilley Anxious Anticipation 4

Aaron Tilley Anxious Anticipation 5

(via lustik)

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