Scientists’ Discoveries Become Their Superpowers in Hilarious 8-Bit Gifs

What if the discoveries of famous scientists became the superpowers they used to wield in combat? That’s the odd world Sao Paulo-based illustrator Diego Sanches imagines in his 8-bit versions of seven scientists who changed our world: Charles Darwin, Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, Pythagoras, Stephen Hawking and Isaac Newton. Sanches’ Science Combat is a big nod to classic fighting games like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat, only this time the battle is for scientific progress.

The powers Sanches gives each historical figure are hilariously animated. Hawking transports through worm holes, Darwin becomes a punching ape and Newton drops apples on his enemies.

Part of a game project for Superinteressante magazine, each character has 6 basic attacks and 2 special attacks. There are also two final bosses, which look like the religious figures Thor and Ganesha.

(Above: Charles Darwin – Power: Evolution)

Science Combat 2Albert Einstein – Power: E=mc2

Science Combat 3Albert Einstein – Power: Relativity

Science Combat 4Steven Hawking – Power: Wormhole

Science Combat 5Steven Hawking – Power: Black Hole

Science Combat 6Marie Curie – Power: Radium

Science Combat 7Isaac Newton – Power: Optics

Science Combat 8Isaac Newton – Power: Gravity

Science Combat 9Pythagoras – Power: Pythagorean Theorem

Science Combat 10Nikola Tesla – Power: Tesla Coil

(via Design Boom)

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