What if the Presidential Candidates Were in Super Mario Kart?

It’s Super Tuesday, and our feeds are filled with election buzz. With so many outlandish characters in the race and drama splashed across headlines, you’d think the election was a game. (Sadly, it’s far from it.) Still, our friends at Visage were recently inspired to have a little fun with the candidates. Since they’re all in a crazy race, they wondered what they would look like if they were in the classic game Super Mario Kart.

In this new graphic series, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Marco Rubio, Donald Trump, and Ted Cruz get a Super Mario Kart makeover. Check out their character stat cards to compare how they stack up against each other in terms of powers, popularity, and budget. Then decide who you think can make it to the finish line.

(And to make your own graphics in Visage, try it yourself here.)


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