Feast Your Eyes on the Most Beautiful Day Calendar of All Time

When it comes to form and function, we may have found the sleekest day calendar you’ve ever seen. It’s the Good Day, Sunshine Calendar designed by Studio Una in Hamburg, Germany. Is it a calendar? Is it an art piece? Is it a weather data visualization? Yes to all three.

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The screen-printed poster depicts sunshine patterns in the Northern Hemisphere. It includes 366 suns, representing each day of the year—including leap year. Months are demarcated by a ring, and the leap year day is denoted with an X.


The calendar is meant to be both a design object and a practical tool. You can frame it or write straight on it. Whether you need to label important dates, fill in appointments, or use it to track year-long data, it’s a gorgeous example of data visualization made beautiful.



If you want your own, order the poster here.

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