New Van Gogh Film “Loving Vincent” Is Animated with 12 Oil Paintings Per Second

Even if it didn’t reach its goal on Kickstarter, the art world has still been waiting with anticipation for the stunning film promised by Loving Vincent. The ambitious animation aims to tell the story of Vincent Van Gogh’s influential but troubled life, using 12 hand-made oil paintings per second that were created in the style of the legendary painter. That’s a massive undertaking considering the project aims to create a feature-length film, and one hour of film equals 43,200 paintings. Thus far 100 painters have contributed frames to the project.

Now Loving Vincent has its first trailer. If it’s any indication of what’s to come, this film will be stunningly beautiful.

One more sign this film is going to be incredible? It’s being produced by Oscar-winning studios BreakThru Films (which won for the short Peter and the Wolf in 2008) and Trademark Films (won for 1998’s Shakespeare in Love). See how the monumental project is going by heading to the project’s official website.

Loving Vincent 2

Loving Vincent 3

Loving Vincent 4

Loving Vincent 5

Loving Vincent 6

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