Let This Detailed Chart Feed Your Typography Addiction

Do you browse typography catalogs in your spare time? Does bad kerning hurt your eyes? Then this fantastic print from our friends at Pop Chart Lab is exactly the way to feed your typographic addiction. Their taxonomical journey through the art of type, explores each essential element in pictorial form. From the varieties of type (Gothic, Sans Serif), to measurements and spacing (Kerning, leading), letter anatomy (ligatures and eyes) and the elements of typesetting (body text and superscript), the print leaves no detail untouched.

Pop Chart Labs has made a name for themselves with extensively researched prints on a wide variety of subjects–from European brewery locations to the history of Apple products. Each of their posters is exquisitely printed using an offset lithographic press and vegetable-based inks, for the highest of quality. Get a closer, zoomed-in look at their Taxonomy of Typography here.


Taxonomy of Typography 3

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