New ‘Combophotos’ Glue Our World Together in the Most Surprising Ways

Creative Director Stephen McMennamy hasn’t stopped slicing up the world and recombining it since we last featured him. In fact, he’s just getting more creative. His Combophoto series pairs two images in wonderfully surprising ways, matching up similar shapes, colors and textures to create a new and unexpected reality.

After repeated requests for ‘combophoto + video’ McMennamy is making us smile by adding motion to his series. In one recent example a smoke stack becomes a tissue dispenser. The billowing white tissues look nearly like smoke… until a gigantic hand glides into the picture:

McMennamy’s photos are excellent fodder for inspiration, helping us to reimagine the meaning, use and form of everyday objects. It’s this childlike process that keeps this series exciting, reminding us that the world is full of possibilities, if only we look for them.

Find more of the series on Stephen McMennamy’s quickly growing Instagram, or find more from him on Tumblr and his personal site.

Combophotos 1

Combophotos 2

lightbulb + egg ?? R.I.P. to all the eggs lost on this one. I welcome all clever/punny commentary. #combophoto

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cauliflower + poodle. while working in San Francisco last week, I managed to capture this #combophoto on the fly. pretty spontaneous stuff and it went down a little something like this: spotted a herd of standard poodles (3=herd)… asked for a photo while my subject took a tennis balls break (she, and her walker, said yes, but I made a crucial mistake and forgot to get names)… quickly took to the pavement and made a beeline to the nearest market (@mollie_stones)… secured some quality cauliflower… dismantled cauliflower… shot a bunch of cauliflower test subjects… found a match… (take a breath) and here's where I netted out. I actually got sweaty making this one. hills, people. thanks San Francisco mystery poodle and sorry cauliflower. #? almost forgot… shot on the #iPhone (#iPhone6)

A photo posted by stephen mcmennamy (@smcmennamy) on

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