Leaked Video Shows the “Actiongram” App for Microsoft HoloLens

Microsoft is working on a yet to be announced app for HoloLens called Actiongram. With $3,000 HoloLens developer units due to arrive within the next few weeks, the app appears to be a virtual reality movie maker, where you can add objects to the real world, interact with them, film and share the results. A series of leaked instructional videos (below) show the app in use, and many of the ways currently used to interact with the HoloLens.


This app uses an on-screen pointer to accurately select objects in space, then a hand gesture to indicate a selection, movement or adjustment. Small characters can be added to the real environment, then adjusted to occupy it almost like reality. It’s pretty impressive.

Find more docs from the Actiongram website, app Guide, beta program intro, safety info, etc, here.



(via Prosthetic Knowledge)

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