A Glowing ‘Plastic Island’ Surrounds the Fountain in Trafalgar Square

The Lumiere Festival illuminated London with 3D projections, interactive installations and other extraordinary light works during the month of January. There to help the city glow was Spanish artist/activists Luzinterruptus who installed a striking ring of floating plastic garbage around one fountain in the city’s famous Trafalgar Square. From beneath the water lights illuminated the plastic containers, beautifully highlighting our urgent need for responsible consumption, recycling and reuse.

Plastic waste is one of the greatest symbols of human disregard for the environment, a problem growing each year and spawning a wide array of art pieces–from underwater plastic sculptures to in situ arrangements on garbage covered beaches. Luzinterruptus ‘Plastic Island’ is inspired by the Pacific Garbage Patch, the massive collection of floating plastic trapped mid-ocean and threatening sea-life:

Governments remain passive before this situation either because they lack interest or because they are incapable to solve this problem,” the group explains. “They are allowing this huge mass of 4 million tons of crushed plastic to shape 13,794 miles of irregular surface reaching 98 feet under the water, destroying most of the marine wildlife in the area and transforming the ecosystem.

Luzinterruptus Plastic Island 2

Luzinterruptus Plastic Island 3

Luzinterruptus Plastic Island 4

Luzinterruptus Plastic Island 5

Luzinterruptus Plastic Island 6

Luzinterruptus Plastic Island 7

Luzinterruptus Plastic Island 8

(via The Creators Project)

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