What Activities Send People to the Emergency Room?

Visualization wizard Nathan Yau has produced yet another fantastic graphic, this time detailing the many, many reasons people end up in the hospital’s emergency room. His interactive chart breaks down ER visits by activity, number of visits and the month of the year, giving insightful details about when those activities are popular. (Hint: Snowboarding happens mostly in the winter…)

Yau pulled injury data from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, which in some cases revealed about what you’d expect. Bicycles, for example, cause lots of injuries. On the other hand, did you know rugs and carpets send more people to the ER than skateboards? I’m guessing the secret behind that number is: a LOT more people use carpets.

Head over to the interactive graphic (or click the one below) for more details and to find out which sport causes the most injuries (I was surprised).


(Image via dailydosemd)

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