Who Invented the Selfie? Here’s the History of Photography in 5 Minutes

While today everyone seems to be a photographer, that was hardly the case even 100 years ago. COOPH (The Cooperative of Photography) walks us through the storied history of photography, from the discovery of the camera obscura principle in antiquity, to the mostly unappreciated invention of the digital camera.

Here are the people who made today’s selfie-obsession possible, including the selfie inventor himself…

Want to learn more about the visionaries mentioned in this video? Here are links to their Wikipedia pages:

Johann Heinrich Schulze – Discovery that silver nitrate reacted to light.
Joseph Nicéphore Niépce – The inventor of photography
Louis Daguerre – Invented the popular and practical daguerreotype process
Robert Cornelius – First selfie
Henry Fox Talbot – Inventor of the photographic negative, allowing multiple prints
Sir John Herschel – Coined the term “photography”
Richard Leach Maddox – Invented practical gelatin dry plate negatives
Eadweard Muybridge – World’s first photo sequence
George Eastman – Popularized roll film, created the first hand-held camera
Oskar Barnack – Invented the portable Leica I
Steven Sasson – Invented the first digital camera

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