Gift Guide: 10 Awesome Valentine’s Day Cards for Adults

Valentine’s Day in elementary school was the best, simply because of the actual valentines. Stuffed with candy, covered in glitter, or rocking the latest kid-movie characters, opening a stack of cards was the most exciting thing in the world. Now that we’re grown up, Valentine’s Day is a little different. But the core idea is the same: It’s a chance to send some love to the people in your life, whether it’s your mom, best friend, or spouse. The problem is, of course, that the Valentine’s Day cards available in stores are pretty much the worst—either Hallmark cheesy or Spencer’s-level vulgar. Luckily, indie designers have come to the rescue, creating awesome cards that won’t make you embarrassed to send. Here are 10 of our favorites for the people in your life.

Mercury Card from Tickle My IQ, $4il_570xN.563683898_r1wc

Taking It Slow Card by Nancy Chiu, $4.50il_570xN.722081000_78rd

Hey Girl Sloth Valentines Day Card by Shop Louella, $5il_570xN.851544902_ejkg

Butterfly Card by Inky Wool, $3.37il_570xN.750539495_h9mv

Binge Watch TV Valentine Card by Tiny Hiny Digital Art, $2.50il_570xN.914411311_hwpf

Valentine For My Amazing Single Friend by Emily McDowell Studio, $4.50il_570xN.550205989_eemq

Tinder Valentine’s Card by Darwin Designs Cards, $3.59il_570xN.897381939_66ua

Cheesy Valentine’s Card by Becka Griffin, $3.74il_570xN.871553333_91md

Will you be my Valentine? Card by Shop3XU, $4.95il_570xN.866038546_c8y7

Funny Valentine’s Day Card by BEPaperie, $4il_570xN.901638764_nr91

Want more Valentine’s Day ideas? Make love and art with this unusual gift. 

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