These Robots Can Climb Walls and Weave You a Hammock

Automated weaving machines have been around for a long time, but what if you wanted to create web-like structures on the side of a tall building? That’s the possibility opened up by these smart semi-autonomous robots from the Institute of Computational Design.

Using built-in vacuums to attach themselves to existing walls, the robots climb and coordinate to weave filament structures around embedded pegs or bolts.

One can imagine a fabrication process where an operator arrives to the scene with a suitcase housing all the necessary robots and materials to create a large structure. These agile mobile robotic systems move robotic fabrication processes beyond the constraints of the production hall, exposing vast urban and interior environments as potential fabrication sites.

Even the small prototypes are quite capable, working together to weave a long tube of cord between two walls. In the end the structure is strong enough to support a human.





(via Prosthetic Knowledge)

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