These Miniature 3D Printed Tiles Complete the Entire Manhattan Skyline

If you love Manhattan, or even one small corner of it, these puzzle-like 3D printed tiles launching on Kickstarter are a beautiful way to appreciate it from all angles. Microscape models are 1:5000 scale replicas of the island, separated into accurate and up-to-date tiles featuring every single building. Yep, you can own this city.

The project is a collaboration between New York-based architectural design firms TO+WN Design and AJSNY, who use frequently updated aerial scan data to produce current maps of the city. As many new buildings appear in the Manhattan skyline, tile data will be updated.

Once Microscape launches (it’s already fully funded) the team plans to cover other major cities across the US and around the world (with their eyes on San Francisco, Boston and Paris). Order your favorite tile, or the entire island, over on Kickstarter.






(via Laughing Squid)

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