Make Love and Art with This Unusual Valentine’s Day Gift

Valentine’s Day is around the corner. If you’re looking to get a little freaky with your significant other and avoid the cliché stuffed bear and chocolate box, there’s a new gift in town. Is it unique? Yes. Artistic? Yes. Require you to take your clothes off? Double yes.

If you’ve ever wanted to make art while you make love, the Allure Art Package is right up your alley. It’s a gift set that gives you all the supplies you need make your own unique abstract painting while you, ahem, get down.


The idea is simple: Spread out a canvas, lay down some paint, and go nuts. It may sound a little scandalous, but this type of art-making seems to be all the rage lately, as Lady Gaga and her fiancée Taylor Kinney recently graced the cover of V Magazine after doing the same.


Each package comes with a cotton canvas, washable paints of your choice, a plastic cover, slippers, and shower sponge. The goal? Get messy and create something unique to your relationship.


“Once the dance has been done, the paint has dried and the creation has been hung on the wall, what remains will be an intimate moment will last forever,” the company says. “After all, sex is life and life is art.”

You can order the set here. And if you’re feeling inspired, you might also want to check out these incredible examples of body painting

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