The Incredible Façades of BEST Shopping Centers Mixed Art and Architecture

“Big box” shopping centers don’t exactly conjure up thoughts of innovative architecture, in fact “big box” is right there in the name.

But that means you probably haven’t seen the incredible buildings designed for BEST Products Company by SITE (Sculpture in the Environment). Their first Houston store featured a controversial and incredibly iconic “Indeterminate Façade” with bricks crumbling from the top as if the building were unstable.

Between 1972 and 1984 SITE continued creating crowd stopping buildings for BEST, each drawing in customers while wowing the architectural world with a taste of what came to be known as Postmodernism.

The Tilt Building featured a façade lifting up to let people in:




The Forest Building featured a cut away façade with vegetation growing within. Yes, this building was open for business:



The Inside/outside Building had a cut-away façade revealing monochrome merchandise which would normally be found inside the store:



See the entire collection of BEST stores created by SITE, including the unfinished Parking Lot Building, at

(via ArchDaily)

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