Intricate Hand-Blown Scientific Glass, Filled with Flora and Fauna

With a degree in Scientific Glassblowing you’d expect artist Kiva Ford’s work to be a little different, but this is spectacular. The Virginia-based artist creates highly specialized glass instruments for scientific labs at his day job, and the work with glass doesn’t stop when he heads home. There, much like his job, he creates intricate vessels… but then he fills them with the miniatures form of flowers and animals:

Kiva Ford 5

Like flora and fauna themed “ships in a bottle”, Kiva’s work captures his glass-based specimens in jars as if preserving them for the future. But unlike the deceased animals that would usually fill those jars, his are filled with sculptures that seem to wriggle with vibrant life.

You can see more of Ford’s work on Instagram, or purchase one of the many pieces he sells at his Etsy shop.

Kiva Ford 1

Kiva Ford 2

Kiva Ford 3

Kiva Ford 6

Kiva Ford 7

(via hifructose, Colossal)

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