This Guy Makes Custom Flip Books (and People Are Using Them To Propose)

Ben Zurawski is The Flippist. He’s been drawing flip books for years and is now creating custom work using photographs of his clients and their own story. Just thumb through his lovingly crafted books and you’ll find personalized stories for birthdays, bar mitzvahs, weddings, anniversaries… and lots and lots of marriage proposals.

In one, he hid the ring inside:

A “handheld cartoon” of you come to life, each of The Flippist’s books are 100% hand drawn and feature wonderfully creative transitions and inventive themes… I mean, just look at this book showing a couple’s long life together played in reverse:

It’s easy to think of flip books as a simple animation novelty, but the level of personalization in each of these examples truly raises the bar. These will surely get flipped until the pages wear out. Find more of The Flippists work on his website, frequent updates on Instagram or on Facebook.

Here's the latest custom flipbook I made for a fan of Ghostbusters and sweets 🙂

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There's something unsettling about this apple magnet I found on a truckstop floor last year…you can just tell he's got secrets.

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(Thanks Paul!)

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