This Man 3D Printed a Life-Size Replica of His Brain Using MRI Data

Andrew Sink got an MRI scan of his brain. Being able to look inside ourselves with such ease is a HUGE scientific achievement, or as Andrew put’s it: “Living in the future is pretty cool, right?” One more part of living in the future was getting to take home a CD filled with data on his own brain. What to do with that? Andrew figured there must be enough data to create a 3D printed model.

Collected over one hour spent inside the small MRI tube, Andrew imported the data into two open source programs, Osirix and Blender. Using them to clean up the many artifacts left in the scan:

Andrew Sink 3D Printed MRI 3

Finally, with the help of 3D illustrator and artist Cindy Raggo, a final 3D printable model was created in netfabb. The final model was printed bright pink on an Afinia H800 printer using a relatively low resolution for quick printing. Even still, the life-size print took a full 49 hours.

Andrew Sink 3D Printed MRI 4

Getting a life-size model of your brain? Worth it:

Andrew Sink 3D Printed MRI 5

Got an MRI scheduled in your future? Andrew encourages people to take home their included data CD and put it to use. See his full tutorial to make your own at Sink Hacks.

Andrew Sink 3D Printed MRI 6

(via Sink Hacks)

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