Mapping the Worst Refugee Crisis in Recent History

$20 billion dollars—that’s the amount the United Nations and humanitarian agencies are requesting to assist the largest refugee crisis the world has seen since World War II. Nearly 60 million people worldwide have been displaced due to conflict, war, and human rights violations, yet there is an enormous funding gap for humanitarian agencies seeking to provide food, housing, medical care, and other assistance.

To get a sense of exactly how many people have been displaced—and how dire the funding gap is—take a look at this interactive by Lucify. The data, gathered from the UN Refugee Agency, shows how many people worldwide have been affected since 2000. (The increase is especially notable if you look at how many dots are on the map in 2000 vs. 2014.)  Search country by country to see how many displaced persons there are, as well as how much funding is required to care for them. The message? We need more funding, and we need it now.

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