#SOSBrutalism: The Campaign to Save Brutalist Masterpieces

The love of concrete is back. From residential mansions to hip restaurants, Brutalist architecture has seen a massive resurgence in the past decade. But just as its popularity is growing, classic examples of the form are being demolished… with difficulty. Enter #SOSBrutalism, a “campaign to save our beloved concrete monsters.”

The team behind #SOSBrutalism is currently building a database of Brutalist buildings around the world, with over 700 incredible examples already cataloged. Not only is their website filled with incredible imagery, but they also catalog each building by how threatened it is by destruction.

So what is Brutalism exactly? Architecture critic Reyner Banham named three characteristics that could define the “New Brutalism” of the mid-century: “1, Memorability as an image; 2, Clear exhibition of structure; and 3, Valuation of materials ‘as found’. ” That sounds like ideals we could write today.

Check out 10 great examples of Brutalist buildings here, then head to #SOSBrutalism to see the entire catalog. Be sure to follow them on Tumblr, Instagram and Facebook for updates and to hear first about threatened buildings.

(Above: The interior of St. Mauritius has one color scheme, one that could have been painted today. Wiesbaden, Germany. Built 1967–1968)










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