Why Grow a Beard When You Can Use Bubbles?

We all know it: beards are so hot right now. Lots of men are “growing what their father gave them” and going for that lumber-sexual aesthetic. But modern masculinity can be a fragile thing. Conceptual photographer Mindo Cikanavicius examines this grooming obsession in his humorous new series Bubbleissimo.

Here beardless men are given facial hair in the form of soap bubble beards and mustaches, a symbol of “how fragile manliness can be in today’s society.”

Like many of his photographs, Mindo’s exploration here is both funny and telling. His use of the unexpected brings a deeper understanding to something that could easily be dismissed as a simple fashion trend. Are men today just trying to look tougher? Are they trying to get in touch with their natural side? You be the judge:

bubble beards 2

bubble beards 4

bubble beards 5

bubble beards 6

bubble beards

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