The ‘Air Bonsai’ is a Live Tree that Levitates

Floating plants is the kind of magic you might see in an anime novel, so it’s only fitting that this magical Kickstarter campaign comes from Japan. Air Bonsai mixes the old tradition of training miniature bonsai, with modern technology to levitate the tiny tree in mid air. It’s not often you get surprised by something this peaceful.

Air Bonsai 2

Air Bonsai is comprised of two components: the top half “little star” and bottom half “energy base”. The top half holds an embedded magnet, with the tree carried in either a sponge ball or a carved volcanic stone planter. The base contains strong magnets to lift the tree, along with a motor to rotate the magnets and the tree floating above.

Once funded, the team at Hoshinchu Air Bonsai Garden are going to be busy building bases and miniature pots. You can get the set empty and ready for planting, or to work around plant import restrictions they are teaming up with U.S. based bonsai growers who will fulfill orders with mature bonsai plantings using native plants.

See full details over on Kickstarter.

Air Bonsai 4

Air Bonsai 5

Air Bonsai 3

Air Bonsai 6

(via Prosthetic Knowledge)

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