Your Kids Can Play These Shirts As Instruments

It’s one thing to rock a band t-shirt. It’s another when your t-shirt makes you part of the band. But that’s what textile designer Selina Reiterer and architect Constantinos Miltiadis have done. In their new project, John Paul George & Me, they’ve combined wearable tech and music to create unique t-shirts that play music when you touch them. Sound awesome? It is. The only bummer is that they’re only made for kids.


According to the creators, the shirts aren’t considred garments; they are wearable instruments. The shirts come in three patterns, which make up the traditional rock band: guitar, bass, and drums. Each shirt is printed with its own unique design that comes to life—well, sound—when you touch them.

It’s all because of conductive thread. The shapes on the shirts sense touch through a microcontroller, attached in a pocket on the shirt, which sends a signal to an app via bluetooth and plays the related sound through a mobile device. The good news if you don’t want the sound blasting through your iPad speaker, you can have them plug in headphones.

tshirt-logo-09Even cooler is that the conductive paint is a flexible, washable textile chemical mixture which is non-toxic and water soluble—everything parents want to hear. Check them out in action below.

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